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The ‘Société d’Agriculture du Comté de Shefford’ (SACS) determined to preserve the quality of the Olympic Equestrian Park, has commenced major renovation work. The SACS is planning the construction of the International Center for Training and Competition, a project in three phases, which will crown Bromont as an essential equestrian venue.

PHASE 1 – Renovation of the facilities: completed in 2010

The first phase of this project was completed in June 2010. Primarily targeting the layout and the rebuilding of existing installations, the renovations included the resurfacing of the National Ring, 55 by 90 meters in size. The footing in the International Ring (100 by 100 meters) was also redone using carpets of 1 by 1 meter following the ‘Otto Sport International’ method. Both the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky used the same process. The Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park challenges Kentucky with the quality of its facilities.

The SACS also spearheaded work on water intake and distribution, building new showers for the horses in addition to the installation of aluminum stands that can accommodate 4,000 spectators and replace the existing seats dating from 1976.

Work also included the rebuilding of the ‘Roland Désourdy Pavillion’, dedicated to one of Bromont’s founders. The only working construction from 1976, the pavilion is entirely renovated and features show offices, to welcome riders from all over the world, judges towers and a restaurant area complete with bar and terrace.

PHASE 2 – Construction of sport facilities

A major undertaking, the project includes the building of an indoor arena adjacent to a stable with 150 stalls.

The National Training and Competition Center, with its indoor arena, will allow the presentation of competition all year-round as well as offer an interesting venue for veterinary conventions, training seminars, fairs, and spectacular shows or concerts.

The rebuilding works, will enable the Equestrian Park to accommodate over 1000 horses, thus putting it in a position to meet the requirements to host the most prestigious events such as a World Cup final, the Pan-American Games and the World Equestrian Games.

PHASE 3 – Construction of the administration building

The SACS’ modernization project will end with the construction of the administration centre, housing VIP boxes, meeting rooms and offices.

At the completion of the works, the Olympic Equestrian Park, will be equipped with quality infrastructures allowing  to comfortably host, not only competition around the eight disciplines recognized by the FEI, but also a number of activities that will attract more competitors, tourists and spectators increasing the economic impact to the region.

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