Reining is the only western discipline recognized by the FEI and is included at the World Equestrian Games since 2002.

At the shows, riders compete in divisions according to age, experience level and their status (professional or amateur). The rider leads his horse with lose reins and almost invisible manoeuvres. Like dressage, in addition to required movements, freestyle reining allows the use of exercises to music and choreography.  The pattern is the order in which the team executes the required movements, and the controlled speed of the pattern raises the difficulty level.

Without resistance from his horse, the rider executes different required movements: spins (series of 360-degree turns) rollback (a 180-degree reversal of motion) and backing up. These elements also include the sliding stop that has become reining’s trademark.

The horses, judged individually, begin the event with 70 points each. Adding or deducting one or ½ points for each manoeuvre, the judges evaluate smoothness, fitness, attitude, speed and authority. An average performance will score a 70.

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