The Park – A durable asset

The equine industry is an important contributor to Quebec’s economy. Recent studies by ‘Filière cheval du Québec’ demonstrate that its components (sports and leisure, breeding and racing), are rapidly gaining popularity.

This is due to the qualified personnel and quality infrastructures working to benefit the equestrian sports. In fact, the Park is a vital pillar to all equine disciplines in Quebec as the host of:

  • The International Bromont, the biggest competition in Eastern Canada and one of the five annual horseshows in the country, which include a qualifying event on the World Cup Circuit;
  • The Bromont CCI*** Three Day Event, the only international eventing competition in Canada;
  • Bromont Autumn Classic CDI1*, the only international dressage competition in Quebec;
  • The Bromont International Driving, the only international combined driving competition in Canada;
  • Caballista, host of  the ‘Jeux équestres du Québec’ (JEQ), the grand  finale on the regional circuit under the stewardship of the ‘ Fédération équestre du Québec’(FEQ);
  • Regional horse shows where riders can qualify for the JEQ.

Fostering close relationships with both the National and Provincial federations, the Park implements programs developed by Equine Canada and the FEQ, to the best of its ability.

Moreover, determined to be a positive leader in the sport and leisure sector and equestrianism in general, the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park, is well aware of its responsibility to the equine community and the welfare of the horse. Therefore, the Park governs itself according to the code of conduct of the FEI, and strictly enforces the FEI’s rules to safeguard the health of horses. In addition, the newly improved site is a more secure and comfortable environment for riders and horses.

The Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park plays a valuable role in the equine industry and, with the projects initiated by the ‘Société d’Agriculture du Comté de Shefford’, it will take on an even bigger one.

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