The SACS & the Future
of the Equestrian Park

The ‘Société d’Agriculture du Comté de Shefford ‘(SACS) is the NPO (non-profit organization) responsible for the preservation of the Park, as proprietor of a portion of the land jointly with the City of Bromont.

Founded in 1843, the SACS’ principal mission is to promote agriculture. In 1993, a growing desire to support activities at the Equestrian Park will revive the organization. Thanks to an innovative partnership between the SACS, the City of Bromont and Nature Conservancy Canada, 500 acres of land have been allotted for protection: thus preserving the equestrian vocation of the Olympic site in perpetuity.

With this new venture, the ‘Société d’Agriculture’ resolves to promote and develop equestrianism, as well as country living in general.

The SACS’ projects for the Equestrian Park include the establishment of a Training and Competition Center to serve the equestrian community (riders, farriers, horse grooms, judges, course designers, saddlers, veterinarians etc.) and also work as an information center for both the media and the Tourism industry, as well as enable the general public to discover equestrian sports.

Already a first-class competition venue, upon completion of all projects, the Park will be in a better position to present a number of other events whether agricultural (fairs and expositions), cultural (shows) or commercial (conferences, seminars etc…), in addition to events around the eight disciplines recognized by the FEI (Fédération Équestre Internationale).

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