International d’attelage de Bromont

June 21 to 23, 2013
Admission : 10$ per vehicle

For its 12th edition, International Driving invites you to three events, which although different, are all as fascinating.

Friday June 21: dressage. In a ring surrounded by fine white fences, drivers execute a choreagraphed test. Following their master’s discreet hand commands, horses move with elegance and harmony. The drivers must demonstrate control, obedience and skills.

Saturday June 22: marathon. Over a distance of many kilometers on an outdoor course marked with hazards, drivers must calmly zigzag through the obstacles without mistakes.

Sunday June 23: obstacles. On a fenced ring, a course designed with fifteen doors (two cones topped with a ball) awaits the driver. A simple chip can mean the end: each ball that falls equals 5 penalty points.

The one who leads the three events is the champion. Who will win in Bromont? Join us and you will see that in Bromont, drivers stay on course!


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