Denise Wilson takes first place at the FEI Grand Prix of International Bromont

Bromont, July 20, 2014 – American rider Denise Wilson and her mount Winter won the CSI3* Grand Prix at International Bromont today, Sunday July 20, at the Bromont Olympic site.

Five in the jump-off

FEI4* designer Guilherme Jorge’s (BRA) course, which featured 13 obstacles for 16 efforts, presented a number of technical difficulties, including two combinations and the river. Rider Nina Fagerstrom (FIN) is the first to execute a clear round with Notaris. Denise Wilson will ensure the need of a jump-off with a clear round in 84 seconds. Nina Fagerstrom will later qualify her second mount, Flower, for the second round. Both riders will be joined by Jill Henselwood and Bolero HX, who had a successful week taking first and third place, respectively, in the FEI 1.50 m event on Thursday July 17 and Friday July 18, as well as Derek Braun on Cujo 7.

Nina Fagerstrom is eliminated in the jump-off with Notaris, thus earning 5th place. This opens the door for the four remaining pairs. With Flower, Fagerstrom gets a good start in the jump-off, but a bar down on the second to last obstacle, puts her in fourth place. As for Canadian Jill Henselwood, she gets the best time in the jump-off, but a bar knocked down on the second obstacle, means she finishes in third place. With perfect rounds, within a little less than one second, Denise Wilson (USA) and Derek Braun (USA) respectively take first and second place.

Back on Wednesday

The International Bromont will resume for its last week of competition. Three FEI events will be presented, including a World Cup Qualifier on Sunday July 27.

On Saturday July 26 and Sunday July 27, events in the national and international rings will be webcasted live on the International Bromont Internet site.

Results – FEI 1.60 m Grand Prix
Denise Wilson (USA) / Winter 0-0,46,86
2. Derek Braun (USA) / Cujo 7 0-0, 47,84
3. Jill Henselwood (CAN) / Bolero HX 0-4, 45,20
4. Nina Fagerstrom (FIN) / Flower 0-4, 46,86
5. Nina Fagerstrom (FIN) / Notaris 0-EL
6. Andrew Bourns (IRL) / Venice 4, 81,82
7. Andrew Bourns (IRL) / Bart C 4, 82,04
8. Peter Leone (USA) / My Pleasure 4, 85,98
9. Liubov Kochetova (RUS) / Urus 2 4, 87,50
10. Kelley Robinson (CAN) / Enzo 4, 88,38

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