Grand Prix 1m40: Lambourghini ends it with a bang

Bromont, July 13, 2014 – Rider Aymen Tsouri and Lambourghini took first place in the Quebec Provincial Equestrian Tour (QPET) 1.40 m Grand Prix, today at the Bromont Equestrian Olympic Park, a little over 2 seconds ahead of Anne-Sophie Millette on Braque de Villa d’Arto.

A technical course
“The course was technical”, according to FEI3* Judge Philip Rozon who adds: “the skinny fence following the triple combination required riders to hold back their mounts.” In fact, that was the obstacle which denied access to the jump-off to many riders in the first round.

With 12 pairs competing, the Grand Prix 1.40 m of the International Bromont, which counts for rankings on the Quebec Provincial Equestrian Tour, featured a $10 000 purse. Only five duos made it to the second round.

First out on the jump-off course, Isabelle Lapierre and Cescha knock the first obstacle, opening the door for the pairs to come. Anne-Sophie Millette, winner of the QEPT 1.35 m on Friday July 11 opts for a calculated pace, a strategy that would prove wise as she executes a clear round in 39.01 seconds. Aymen Tsouri and Lambourghini come in next, needing a clear round in less than 39 seconds to get ahead of Anne-Sophie. The speed gamble is a winner for the pair who takes the lead in 37.88 seconds. David Acand and Cassis Z Ten Halven, fourth out in the jump-off, try to establish a new time to beat with a brilliant round, but the lead is out of reach when the last bar falls. Last on the course, François Lamontagne and Nature des Pierres also flirt with victory; however, a bar down on the last obstacle will keep them off the podium.

Back on Wednesday
This Grand Prix event closes the first week of competition for the International Bromont. Events will resume on Wednesday July 16, 2014, with a first FEI (Fédération Équestre Internationale) event on July 17th.

Results – Grand Prix 1.40m
Aymen Tsouri/Lambourghini 0-0, 37,88
2. Anne Sophie Milette / Braque de Villa d’Arto 0-0, 39,01
3. David Arcand/Cassis Z Ten Halven 0-4,35,70
4. François Lamontagne/Nature des Pierres, 0-4, 36,79
5. Isabelle Lapierre/Cescha M, 0-4, 39,78
6. François Lamontagne/Pina Colada, 4, 81,79
7. Billie Derouet/Bonaparte WP Wisbecq 4, 83,17
8. Bianca Lafontaine / Kannon Lover 4, 83,37
9. Melissa Marcotte/Well Time de Villa d’Arto 4, 84,24
10. Frank Hendriks / Domar 8, 82,91

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